We wait for it all year, but now, as sugar season approaches, we wonder where all the time went!  Last fall, we acquired a new 60 acre parcel of beautiful, mature maples directly adjacent to our existing sugarbush. The new woods are pristine, and would have any sugar maker drooling.  We’ve been hard at work since the new year trying to get tubing set up in time to tap the new trees. To say its been challenging would be a bit of an understatement. The only access road into the new woods is at the bottom of a steep pitch; the average person would grumble about climbing up it on a balmy day. Our task has been to scale it about 10 times a day lugging materials and a pack full of tools. Did I mention the ice sheet? We’re lucky to have such a rugged, good-natured crew that has been able to crack a joke in the face of grueling day and get the job done.

crewWith this year’s erratically warm winter, everyone has been asking us… is sugar season ruined? Well, our answer is that it’s too early to know, but we certainly hope not! We are in the midst of tapping right now, which has been going wonderfully fast with the lack of snow in the woods. This morning was a little more seasonal (a good, old-fashioned 10 below when we woke up), so we aren’t expecting any real sap flow quite yet. We are constantly reminded that Mother Nature is the queen of wild cards, so all we can do is pray she give us another week of cold and keeps those line-chewing chipmunks at bay!

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