Maple and Spice Kale Chips

Until its recent rise to stardom, kale, to many, had been little more than a steak dinner garnish or a leafy green bed for the actually “edible” part of the meal. But no more.  Kale has reached health fad status and is touted as being the super-food of the farmers market. This leafy green is high in fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C and can help reduce the risk of several types of cancer. So why not pair it with a touch of a super sugar? Unlike other sweeteners (such as table sugar, honey or agave), a serving of maple syrup contains 100% of the recommended daily of manganese, a mineral that is important in energy and antioxidant production as well as the processing of carbohydrates and cholesterol. The clinical trials aren’t in yet, but the pairing of these two foods just might make you live forever.

The best thing about this recipe (besides the maple syrup, of course) is how easily simple ingredients are transformed in to a potato chip rivaling snack. Click here for the full recipe by Marla Meridith on her blog,