Health Benefits of Maple

Maple syrup became famous for its deliciously complex sweetness and unmatched flavor. Lately though, maple has been getting more and more attention for its health benefits and role as an alternative sweetener. Like white sugar and other sweeteners, maple syrup is mostly made up of sucrose. However, cane sugar, corn syrup and other sweeteners are subject to extensive processing that result in a refined, purely sugar product. Our finished product, however, contains concentrated amounts of the beneficial minerals, antioxidants and other compounds found in our raw ingredient, maple sap.

In particular, maple syrup has elevated levels of manganese, a mineral that has been shown to promote healthy metabolism, bone structure thyroid functioning. It is also an excellent source of riboflavin, or vitamin B2, which also helps maintain a healthy metabolism and boost energy levels. Another benefit of using maple syrup as a sweetener is its antioxidant value. A serving of maple syrup can deliver nearly as many antioxidants as many fruits and vegetables famous for fighting free radicals.

We think the flavor of our syrup makes choosing maple a no-brainer. But, you can also feel good about picking a sweetener that delivers as much goodness to your body as to your taste buds.