Always Organic

Many of you, like us, care where your food comes from and what goes into producing it. Choosing organic produce, fruits and vegetables grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, may be a major consideration when filling your grocery cart. However, many people are confused by the sight of the USDA Organic label on a bottle of syrup. ‘Doesn’t maple syrup come from maple trees in a forest that is already organic?’ they ask.

In a sense, this is definitely true. The vast majority of maple sugar bushes grow naturally, in the wild, and are tapped by sugar makers who have very little to do with how the trees grow. Few, if any, sugar makers are applying chemical fertilizers to their woods (though the application of chemical pesticides may be becoming more common with the warming climate and increasing populations of invasive forest pests). So what does the organic label on a bottle of Mount Cabot Maple Syrup tell us?

Like certified organic businesses of any kind, our organic maple sugar house is subject to strict standards that ensure the purity and sustainability of our products:

  • Chemicals: Unlike non-organic sugar houses, we are prohibited from using synthetic defoamers during the boiling process. Instead, we use a small amount of organic safflower oil to control foam during our boil.
  • Clean Production: Because there is so much equipment involved in a modern maple sugarhouse, organic standards for maple also regulate the types of equipment we use (a stainless evaporator free of lead solders) and ensure we maintain a high level of cleanliness without introducing harmful chemicals into our syrup.
  • Forest Health: As stewards of a natural resource, we hold ourselves to the highest standards when managing our woods. Our trees are the ones who really make our syrup, and we take their health seriously. Our organic certification requires us to tap by conservative guidelines so that our trees are able to recover and grow sustainably after each season.

For us, being certified organic is essentially a lot of paperwork to prove we are making syrup in a safe and sustainable way: something we are committed to doing anyway. Label or no label, we will continue being good stewards of the land and bringing your the purest maple syrup the Northeast has to offer.