About Us

Mount Cabot, home to all our trees, is located on the outskirts of the small town of Lancaster in northern New Hampshire. Our woods have a long history of making excellent maple syrup; town records show that our trees were tapped for their sugar off and on since at least 1860. In 2005, Biff Wyman and Heidi Wells started Mount Cabot Maple with the intention of continuing  our woods’ legacy producing superb maple syrup.  Drawing from many years of sugaring experience, both in Connecticut and in nearby Jefferson NH, Biff and Heidi boiled and bottled the first batches of our award winning syrup.

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In 2011, Biff and Heidi were joined by Ben Prinkki and Bridget McKee. After a winter learning the lay of the woods and the process of making syrup, they were hooked by the magic of sugaring. Since then, we’ve worked to improve and expand our woods operation, all while maintaining our commitment to excellent, single source syrup. In 2015, we added our newest sugarmaker, Wendelle, who has quickly climbed the company ladder and now calls all the shots.


At Mount Cabot Maple, we are dedicated to making only organic maple syrup produced with great care under personally maintained conditions. By selling only what we produce we are able to ensure the flavor – which, after all, is what maple syrup is all about – and the quality.  Maple syrup, like so many good things, has largely been turned into a commodity: handled, packed, and marketed by large packing companies. Packing houses buy large quantities of maple syrup on the bulk market, blend it, mostly for color rather flavor, and market it. Their focus is on quantity rather than quality.


At Mount Cabot Maple we sell only what we produce: organic, single-source, unblended maple syrup