A January thaw and tapping has begun!

2014-01-21 11.40.18We rang in the new year with our drill bits sharpened and our hammers at the ready! In the past few years we’ve spent January and most of February hustling to get major tubing installations done before the season and put off tapping (arguably the most important task in sugaring) until the season is biting at our heels. This year we vowed things would be different… we’ll have a leisurely tapping session in January, then sit by the woodstove with our coffee for a few months until the sap starts to run. Kidding! We will be done tapping by the end of the month, but the projects are piling up already. The big advantage to tapping early (we’re hoping) is that if we have a brief, early thaw, we’ll be able to test our woods system before the season actually starts. Any thing that stands a chance at reducing the chaos of the first week of sap flow is worth a try in my book.

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